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R&R TRANSMISSIONS- If you have tried the rest, now go to the BEST tranny shop around!!

PETE GRETZ ENGINEERING- Head of the Engine department, great machinist!!


TYGART GRAFIX- Make awesome decals and graphics - located in Kokomo, IN


Sam Thompson-Not only the car owner, but also the hardest working guy on the team, spends many hours a week in the shop trying to make the car faster.

Jon Way-At the race track, Jon does it all, he helps wherever needed!

Tracy Bradley-She is the video taper,the helmet cleaner, and most importantly she lets Bill know when he is screwing up on the race track!

Glenn II-Glennie is Bill's younger brother,who is now 16. He is our new recruit, and will be going through race car basic training this year, and will help wherever he can!

Gerald- Gerald is Bill's right hand man, when he is not racing his own car.

Philly- The tire man

The Old Man Showing Off at Montpelier 04'



Bill's grandfather, and grandmother, Bull and Joni Bradley. Picture was taken at Eldora Speedway sometime around 1975 or 1976.



Picture of Bill (little guy on left), grandfather Bull, and father Glenn after feature win in 1985 at Montpelier Speedway.